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ISBN: 9781583948972

FILENAME: Pluto.pdf

PUBLISH DATE: 01 Apr 2015

Pluto revolves around the Sun in an orbit that is not exactly circular, much like the rest of the planets. Rather, its orbit is more of an oval or egg shape. Because of this, Pluto will orbit inside of Neptune's orbit.


Encompassing astronomy, mythology, psychology, and astrology, Pluto offers a wealth of knowledge about our most famous dwarf planet. First observed in 1930 and once defined as the ninth and final planet in our solar system, Pluto and its discovery and reclassification throw a unique light on how we generate meaning in science and culture. This anthology, timed to appear in concordance with NASA's New Horizons's approach to Pluto in July 2015, shows that while the astronomical Pluto may be little more than an ordinary escaped moon or tiny Kuiper Belt object, it is a powerful hyperobject, for its mythological and cultural effigies on Earth incubate deep unconscious seeds of the human psyche. Certain astronomical features pertain to Pluto in terms of its distance from the Sun, coldness, and barrenness. These also inform its mythology and astrology as befitting a planet named after the God of the Underworld. Among the issues central to this collection are the meanings of darkness, loss, grief, inner transformation, rebirth, reincarnation, and karmic revelation, all of which are associated with the astrology of Pluto. Pluto also embodies the meaning of true wealth as being nonmaterial essence instead of property, conventional accolades, ego identity, achievement. It is the marker of negative capability. Table of ContentsDana Wilde: Pluto on the BorderlandsRichard Grossinger: Pluto and The Kuiper BeltRichard C. Hoagland: New Horizon ... for a Lost HorizonJ. F. Martel: Pluto and the Death of GodJames Hillman: HadesFritz Bruhubner: The Mythology and Astrology of PlutoThomas Frick: Old HorizonsJohn D. Shershin: The Inquisition of PlutoStephan David Hewitt: Pluto and the Restoration of SoulJim Tibbetts: Our Lady of Pluto, the Planet of PurificationShelli Jankowski-Smith: Love Song for PlutoRobert Kelly: PlutoDinesh Raghavendra: Falling in Love with a PlutonianSteve Luttrell: Dostoevsky's PlutoPhilip Wohlstetter: Ten Things I'd Like to Find on PlutoJonathan Lethem: Ten Things I'd Like to Find on PlutoRobert Sardello: Ten Things I'd Like to Find on PlutoRoss Hamilton: Ten Things I'd Like to Find on PlutoCollege of the Atlantic Students: Ten Things I'd Like to Find on PlutoJeffrey A. Hoffman: What the Probe Will Find, What I'd Like It to FindNathan Schwartz-Salant: Ten Things I'd Like to Find on PlutoCharley B. Murphy: The Ten Worlds of PlutoTimothy Morton: Ten Things I'd Like to Find on Pluto & The End of the WorldRobert Phoenix: My Father PlutoEllias Lonsdale: Pluto is the Reason We Have a ChanceRob Brezsny: Pluto: Planet of Wealth

Discovered in 1930, Pluto is the second closest dwarf planet to the Sun and was at one point classified as the ninth planet. Pluto is the largest dwarf planet but only the second most massive, with Eris being the most massive.

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